FastFrame NQ42 Dual 40GbE NIC PCEIe 30 QSFP Low Profile Bekijk groter

FastFrame NQ42 Dual 40GbE NIC PCEIe 30 QSFP Low Profile



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FastFrame NQ41 QSFP+ Optical Interface
The ATTO FastFrame single-port NQ41 Optical Ethernet Adapter draws less power than competing solutions while providing faster throughput, meaning users can transfer more data at a lesser cost than the competition, enhancing the Total Cost of Ownership of the ATTO 40GbE solution. NQ41 includes QSFP.
In addition to broad support for Windows and Linux server and desktop operating systems, ATTO is a leader in high performance I/O connectivity for Mac OS X environments (Mac OSX Driver release TBD).

  • 40GbE Interface:
  • - 1us MPI ping latency via RoCE
    - Up to 40Gbps transfer rate with RoCE
    - CPU offload of transport operations
    - Guaranteed bandwidth and low-latency services
    - Energy efficient Ethernet
  • Offloads (reduce CPU Overhead):
  • - RDMA over Converged Ethernet
    - TCP/UDP/IP stateless offloads
  • Protocol Support:
  • - MPI, Platform MPI
    - TCP/UDP
    - iSER, NFS RDMA
    - SMB RDMA
    - Support for MSI and MSI-X
  • Host Bus Specifications:
  • - x8 mechanical and electrical PCIExpress 3.0 interconnect
  • Driver Support:
    - Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1
    - Latest kernels of RHEL, SLES
    - OS X (Upcoming)
  • Other- 3 year standard product warranty
    - RoHS compliant

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